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As a capital campaign consultant I understand the important role of communication materials. A church capital campaign is like a three-legged stool in that there are three foundational elements that need to be addressed: Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual. The campaign materials that you create are an important element that help communicate the information and excitement of a capital campaign and provide an additional avenue to educate the congregation on the spiritual aspects of giving. The ultimate success of a church capital campaign is dependent on the work of the Holy Spirit moving people to make an appropriate faith response to a Kingdom need, not how well we speak or how fancy our materials. That said, if you are asking your congregation to give hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, you should provide communication materials that rise to the occasion.

As a part of my consulting services, I provide the graphic art design for all of the communication pieces. This offloads the church having to spend a huge amount of time and money getting someone to design quality materials. I am able to provide churches with a “menu” of over 150 themes, multiple logos and type faces and can offer a complete communications package in hours or a few days instead of weeks. The church campaign committee makes selections from a flexible “menu” of options and then supplies the text for each of the pieces.

I have delivered a complete set of printed capital campaign materials in as little as 4 weeks from the time the church first sat down to select their options. My secret? Catalyst Faithworks. They have a complete line of capital campaign materials with hundreds of themes, logos, fonts and templates of everything from commitment cards to 4-page brochures and newsletters. They provide the word count for each piece, the church supplies the text and as fast as the church can approve the proofs they can move it through their process and provide either camera ready artwork or they can coordinate printing and ship the completed campaign to the church. The provide the highest quality service and product and at a price that is a small fraction of what it would cost to create the materials from scratch. Before you ask, no this is not a paid endorsement – I really like the service and the people. Give them a call and ask if Steve at AMI Church Consulting services is a happy client.

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