Time is Running Out for a Fall Church Capital Campaign

By • on June 12, 2009 • Filed under: Church Capital Campaign

A church capital campaign is not unlike the Christmas play – you begin to prepare months in advance to have the best and least stressful outcome.

The right time to be in front of your congregation for a fall capital campaign is after school is back in session and before the holidays. This provides a smaller window of opportunity for that 6-7 week time of preaching, teaching, and support building than a spring campaign.
If you plan to be raise money this fall, you should begin to organize and prepare your capital campaign team starting before the end of June. This will enable your church to achieve the best results with the lowest stress. Every week that your church delays from this point forward increases the effort and stress of a capital campaign.
For more information on capital campaign timelines, download the PowerPoint presentation on www.OurCapitalCampaign.com.

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