AMI Church Consulting

Our Mission

AMI was formed in 2006 to respond to a great need in the church community for qualifiedobjective, multi-disciplinary assistance for churches contemplating building programs.  As church building consultants, we are called to minister to Christ’s church for His glory; to help churches accomplish their God-given mission  and vision and win souls for the Kingdom.  Our church clients span the continental United States literally from coast to coast, and range in size from 70 to 1,500 in attendance.

Our Services

Our two primary types of church consulting engagements are Needs and Feasibility Studies and Capital Campaigns. Empowering these engagements is our broad experience in church growth, church health, financing, church design, church administration, church finance, and construction.

Needs & Feasibility

In its simplest terms, a church needs and feasibility study provides a proven process to objectively ask and answer the questions of:

From the macro to the micro, planning a building program requires a comprehension of the big picture with an understanding of the details that will make it come to pass.  Besides a lack of across the board experience or training in the various disciplines involved in planning and execution of a building program, one of the problems is that it is hard to see the big picture when you are in the picture. For more information, see our Needs & Feasibility page.

Church Capital Campaign

For almost every church, a capital campaign is a critical part of the financial strategy to become ready to build and to retire debt in a timely fashion.  It is a rare church that should not execute a capital campaign, if not to build, then certainly as an example of good stewardship to retire the debt with a minimum of interest. A capital stewardship program is more of a spiritual endeavor than a financial one.  Today;s capital campaign has its roots in biblical precedent, and properly executed, is based on the Word of God and implemented using the best practices as developed by thousands of churches over the past decades. Properly done, a church capital campaign should:

A church capital campaign is worth doing for the spiritual benefit alone, but when coupled with a financial blessing over three years  that, on average, is 2x the current annual offering, it is a rare church indeed that should not execute a capital campaign well in advance of a building program. For more information, see our Church Capital Campaignpage.

Our Church Consultants

Our church building consultants as well as our capital campaign consultants are all born-again men of God, who are called to this work.  All have served in either lay or pastoral positions in their churches and all have several years of experience, some over ten years in church consulting. All of our church consultants understand the importance of the work we are called to do, and the responsibility that it entails.  Our first priority is to God, then His church and we try never to forget that. We hope that if you find the information we present on our site  is insightful or  thought provoking, or if it resonates with your mind and spirit, that you will contact us so we may learn more about your church and how we may be of service to you.