NEW & REVISED Prepared to Build – Church Building Guide

Church Building Guide, Preparing to BuildNow available in paperback and as an eBook in PDF format, Preparing to Build is a practical church building guide to help your church become prepared for a church building program.

From concept to completion, your church will not undertake a more demanding or complicated task in terms of money, risk, and effort than it will in a building program. Preparing to Build will educate and guide the church through the process of becoming prepared to build in a manner that will save time and reduce costly mistakes. Download Free Evaluation Copy!

They don’t teach this in seminary and most church leaders are unequipped by experience or training to lead their church through a building program in the most optimum manner. Being prepared to build, in its simplest terms, means the church has objectively quantified as many of the variables as possible and developed a building plan strategy within the financial ability of the church.

A church that is prepared to build can articulate, based on factual analysis, what it needs to build to meet future needs, it understands the cost of construction, has measured its financial ability, and knows the vision can be built on the selected property. It’s about the process. The result of an objective process is objective fact. In the absence of an objective process, all a church is left with is subjective opinion, and in a church of a few hundred people, you will have a few hundred opinions.

Preparing to Build discusses the process from visioning to selecting a builder and discusses topics including: space planning, design, financing, capital campaigns, land acquisition, organizing a building committee, and special information for smaller or start-up churches. The book concludes with several appendices, including a readiness to build assessment.

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Benefits of a Needs & Feasibility Study

Excerpted from Understanding the Needs and Feasibility Process Slide Presentation: The benefits of a Needs and Feasibility Study for any church contemplating a building program are multi-faceted.  Here are some of the benefits as noted in the church needs and feasibility presentation on our website. Higher Level of Satisfaction: Quoting from the 2005 Rainer Group […]

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8 Foundational Truths of Church Capital Campaigns

Executing a church capital campaign is part science and part art. Some of the techniques that worked well in times past are not as effective today. There have been, and will continue to be, refinements and adaptation in the process of capital fundraising. Part of the art of the campaign is adapting those processes (the science) to a church’s culture, circumstances, needs, and time line.

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Our Ministry to Your Church

. Develop Consensus .. Reduce Cost and Risk … Raise Money for Building …. and much more Your church will never undertake a task that is more demanding or complicated in terms of cost, risk, and effort than it will in a church building program – We are here to help. Download page/article as PDF

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Our Church Consulting Services Ministry

Our purpose is to minister to your church in its efforts to plan for, and implement, a building program or church capital campaign as a tool expand ministry effectiveness.

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Church Needs & Feasibility Study

A successful church building program starts with clearly and objectively understanding the church’s real needs, financial ability, and overall feasibility of the proposed project.

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Church Capital Campaign

A church capital campaign is a spiritual endeavor that every church should engage upon for the spiritual and financial benefits. Typically will raise 2x annual income over 3 years.

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Needs & Feasibility Presentation – Recorded Webinar Now Online

As a volunteer church building consultant for the Congregational Services Group of the NC Baptist Convention, I recently delivered a live webinar on the topic of conduction a church needs and feasibility studies as one of the first steps in a church building program.  You may listen to, and view, this presentation online as it […]

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Timing a Church Capital Campaign

Many churches in the past year have postponed building programs due to economic uncertainty. Even though building may be 1, 2 or even 3 years away, the wise church will be preparing now for a future building program. One of the keys to becoming financially prepared to build is to execute a capital campaign well […]

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Time is Running Out for a Fall Church Capital Campaign

A church capital campaign is not unlike the Christmas play – you begin to prepare months in advance to have the best and least stressful outcome. The right time to be in front of your congregation for a fall capital campaign is after school is back in session and before the holidays. This provides a […]

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