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8 Foundational Truths of Church Capital Campaigns

Executing a church capital campaign is part science and part art. Some of the techniques that worked well in times past are not as effective today. There have been, and will continue to be, refinements and adaptation in the process of capital fundraising. Part of the art of the campaign is adapting those processes (the science) to a church’s culture, circumstances, needs, and time line.

Many of the principles of the modern church capital campaign have their foundation in both Old and New Testament examples. The rest of the art of the campaign involves properly bringing to light and applying the truth of the scriptures regarding giving in an effectual and culturally relevant manner.

While some processes and practices have changed or adapted to the times, many remain unchanged and are the foundational elements for all successful church capital campaigns. Some things just don’t change; we call these Foundational Truths. If you approach your capital campaign understanding these truths, you will have a much more spiritually and financially productive campaign.

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8 Foundational Truths of Church Capital Fundraising

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Our Church Consulting Services Ministry

Our purpose is to minister to your church in its efforts to plan for, and implement, a building program or church capital campaign as a tool expand ministry effectiveness.

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Church Capital Campaign

A church capital campaign is a spiritual endeavor that every church should engage upon for the spiritual and financial benefits. Typically will raise 2x annual income over 3 years.

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Timing a Church Capital Campaign

Many churches in the past year have postponed building programs due to economic uncertainty. Even though building may be 1, 2 or even 3 years away, the wise church will be preparing now for a future building program. One of the keys to becoming financially prepared to build is to execute a capital campaign well […]

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Time is Running Out for a Fall Church Capital Campaign

A church capital campaign is not unlike the Christmas play – you begin to prepare months in advance to have the best and least stressful outcome. The right time to be in front of your congregation for a fall capital campaign is after school is back in session and before the holidays. This provides a […]

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Church Financing – Still a Tough Market

Churches continue to have difficulty getting the financing they need for buildling or relocation. We have seen any number of churches that should be able to get financed turned down by lender after lender. Many churches that are getting turned down for financing today could have been financed a year ago with exactly the same […]

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Capital Campaign Feedback

I had a status call today with a church capital campaign client this morning, and the chairperson had a most insightful and encouraging comment.  The church is two weeks away from their Committment Sunday when everyone will bring their initial offerings and ongoing peldge commitments for the 3-year giving period.   His comment to me […]

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The Year of the Church Capital Campaign

The banks have money to lend, they just don’t seem to want to do it. This week a number of the largest banks were called before Congress who basically told them to make more of the bailout money available for loans. Some lenders have just stopped lending to churches while others are setting the bar […]

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Economic Crisis Affecting Capital Campaigns

Depending on what part of the country the church is in, the current economic downturn most likely affected the results of capital campaigns that were kicking off this fall. Based on the results of our church capital campaigns that were already in the planning stage for kickoff this fall, pledge commitments received are substantially less […]

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Church Capital Campaign: The Biblical Basis

I occasionally run across folks that think that a church capital campaign for a building program is a bad idea. Some have even called it unscriptural, but in in my opinion, its just the opposite. Perhaps people get caught up in the terminology, but a capital campaign is really just a name for designated offering […]

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